We’re always interested in the origins of any plaques we produce, even those as instantly recognizable as the Welsh Rugby Union.

Welsh Rugby Union

Welsh Rugby Union

They have a very comprehensive page about their fascinating history on their website at www.wru.co.uk/eng/thewru/history/brief_history.php

We were interested to note that the crest used by the Welsh Rugby Union is based on the “The Prince of Wales’s feathers” which is the coat of arms of  HRH The Prince of Wales.

The original crest is made up of  three white feathers rising from a gold crown, although the WRU changed the design slightly in the 1990s. This was done partly in order to copyright the design, and partly to modernise the design and make it more recognisable as exclusively WRU. The original Coat of Arms include the motto “Ich Dien” which has been replaced in the WRU badge with simply “WRU”.

The original design has raised some controversy over the years with suggestions that it was more symbolic of British monarchy than Welsh Rugby.

Hopefully this is no longer the case, although whatever badge you attach to it there is no denying the Welsh Rugby Union is a much loved and well respected part of Welsh life.